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Industrial products manufacture calls for more than reliable quality. It demands performance in critical and extreme conditions, no matter whatever the applications be, whether conveyor or drive mechanical or hydraulics, must assure zero discrepancy and no premature failures. Not simply for customer satisfaction, but for its survival.

Similarly, success and survival of your enterprise is constantly challenged to meet goals like cutting costs, creating solutions to save factory downtime simply to drive your business ahead.

HIC Services professionals draw an extensive industry specific experience designing solutions tailored to the exclusive business needs to boost revenues, minimize operational costs and thus build customer loyalty.

Industrial Goods & Services Indian Manufacturers Suppliers

Materials Handling Conveyors

Consultants & Manufacturing Industries

Mach-Spare CI Pulleys & Rubber Sheets

Hardware Stores & Government Sectors

Power Transmission Belts & Couplings

OEM & Industrial Traders

Hydraulic Pneumatic Hoses & Valves

Machinery Manufacturers


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