• High Breaking Strength & Minimal Elongation Transmission Belts
  • Quality Rubber & Traction Core Nylon Sandwich Belts
  • Long Life Reliable Flat Rubber Belting

Superseding IS 1370, BS 490 quality standards.

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Quality Indian Flat Transmission Belt and Flat Rubber Belts

Leather Transmission Belting
Rubber Transmission Belt Cotton Hard Duck
Rubberized Nylon Sandwich Belt

For any defence or industrial power transmission applications transmission belts manufacturers that Indian factories of Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra or of China, Taiwan, Pakistan demands, HIC International Company undertakes manufacturing of flat drive belt produced in UNIVERSAL brand name as per customers technical specifications of power transmission belts needs, quality machinery parts supply solutions:

  • agricultural flat belting in Buenos Aires Argentina South America
  • Tangential Belt TA Series
  • tractor drive transmission belt in Iowa United States
  • flat canvas belt 32oz 34oz cotton fabric in Hamburg Germany
  • balata belting in Jalandhar Punjab
  • railway power transmission belt in Mumbai Maharashtra
  • power transmission belt in Taipei Taiwan
  • cut edge transmission belting in Beijing China
  • nylon sandwich transmission belts in Michigan USA
  • polyester power transmission belts in Thuringia Germany
  • round edge transmission belts in Colombo Sri Lanka
  • nylon transmission belting in Jakarta Indonesia
  • endless PU belts in Singapore
  • spindle tapes in Johannesburg South Africa
  • chrome leather flat belting in Tokyo Japan
  • friction surface transmission belts in Sonepat,Karnal Haryana
  • rubber belting in Karachi Pakistan for agriculture

Customers Satisfaction: UNIVERSAL Flat Drive Belt

Flat drive belts quality of HIC Universal acclaimed for maximum motor power transmission performance and satisfactory life by an endless list of OEM of Agricultural Machinery manufacturers, transmission belts manufacturers , Textile Machinery manufacturers, Power Transmission Equipment manufacturers, Farm Equipment manufacturers, Paper Mill Machinery manufacturers, Sugar Making Machinery manufacturers, Consultants (Projects) and rubber transmission belts and leather transmission belting used by:

  • Oswal Woolen Mills Punjab India
  • Balata Belting
  • Amira Pure Foods Rice Mill Haryana India
  • Birla Textile Mills Himachal Pradesh India
  • Associated Roller Flour Mill Assam India
  • Bhilwara Syntex Rajasthan India
  • Kalantri Flour Mills Maharashtra India
  • Sri Ramakrishna Spinning Tamil Nadu India
  • Bokaro Steel Government Enterprise Jharkhand
  • Escorts Agri Machinery Haryana India
  • Kartar Agro Industries Punjab India
  • Modern Agricultural Equipment Haryana India