Backlash Free Flexible Pin Bush Coupling

Manufacturing with different regulated mechanisms, the pin bush coupling with backless free flexibility usually is highly demanded by the clients in various industries throughout India and abroad mainly for its remarkable features. This type of pin and bush coupling is manufactured by utilizing superior quality raw materials and the latest advanced by expert professionals and thus are offered to the clients at reasonable rates. HIC International produces Bush type flexible pin coupling, high torque resilient coupling, shaft hub connection torsionally flexible pin and bush coupling in world-class factory.

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UNIVERSAL Pin Bush Type Flexible Couplings Indian Brand HIC Product

Generally, Universal pin bush coupling assures high torque transmissions at much high speeds, in such a way that coupling possess exceptional shock absorbing capacity due to its construction in the form of cushioned drive type and thus can easily transmit the torque via rubber bushes without getting the influence of water, any atmospheric conditions permits, lubrication, or adjustment just after fitting.

Such type of bush couplings is used to connect different movable pivot and arms to the chassis to lower down the wear and tear between the mating metal machinery parts.Some unique features of these pin and bush coupling include the following:-

  • Accurate small shaft distance dimensions and Fail-safe
  • Higher strength, durability, and flexibility
  • Reducing stresses on the rubber, pins and bushes
  • Maintenance-Free and Easy assembly/disassembly of pins

  • HIC Delhi is OEM suppliers to crane machine manufacturing companies as well as cement mixer machine manufacturers companies located in Holland, Taiwan, Hong Kong China, Brazil, Glasgow Scotland UK, Deutsch land Germany, London UK, Austria, Portland USA, Nepal, Malaysia, Luxembourg, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Gabon Africa and Sri Lanka.

    HIC Universal Flexible drive pin bush couplings used in and as: