Gasket Rubber Sheet, Cork Sheets and Rubber Lagging

HIC International Co Inc. is renowned for manufacturing quality rubber gasket sheets, which are supplied in the industries of India, China, UK, Nigeria, United States, Chile, Kazakhstan, Australia, Finland and so on. HIC Universal produces Commercial grade Nitrile rubber sheet roll BUNA- N, EPDM roofing sheet material, Chloroprene Multipurpose gasket Neoprene sheet, Viton Fluor elastomer rubber aerospace sealing, SBR rubber steam resistant sheeting gasket, Natural rubber abrasion resistant Shot blast sheet, High Temperature resistant Silicone rubber-sheet, hot stamping seal material, Transformer Insulation and rubber bonded Cork gasket sheet.

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UNIVERSAL Insertion Rubber Sheets and Diamond Grooved Rubber Lagging Indian Brand HIC Product

Gaskets are such area that should be cover in airtight form so that the gas can be seal in its place. In this matter, rubber is the best material to prepare a sheet for the gaskets. That is why; the rubber gasket sheets are quite popular to serve this purpose. As an OEM suppliers, HIC Universal is established as Manufacturers of quality insertion rubber sheets, nylon fabric cloth reinforced and diamond grooved rubber lagging sheet  to chemical plant manufacturers as well as die-cutting gasket fabricators. HIC International exports its safety rubber products to companies located in Belgium, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Korea, Canada, England UK, Taiwan, Scotland, Germany, South Carolina United States, Fujairah UAE, Vietnam.

Such sheeting are used for the following purposes-

  • It covers the joints intact instead of the clothes.
  • It is used as cork sheet in the transformers.
  • It is highly useful for the instruments, which work in high temperature.
  • It is an inevitable part in the oil refinery industries.

The rubber sheet rolls gasket material used in and as: