Flexible Shaft Couplings ADVANTAGE UNIVERSAL

  • High Shock Absorption & Minimal Slippage Flexible Couplings
  • Quality Machined Steel & Elastic Rubber Combine Motor and Pump Couplings
  • Long Life Reliable Drive Shaft Couplings

Superseding IS 12405, IS 12427, BS 4235 quality standards.

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Quality Indian Anti Backlash Coupling and Elastic Coupling

RRS Spacer Coupling
Rubber Tyre Coupling
Snap Wrap Flexible Coupling

For any flexible shaft rotation applications that Indian factories and shaft coupling manufacturers of Maharashtra, Gujarat, West Bengal or of Deutschland, Osterreich, Swiss demands, HIC International Company undertakes manufacturing of high torque driveflexible coupling produced in UNIVERSAL brand name as per customers technical specifications of anti-backlash flexible coupling and elastic shaft couplings as per bore diameter capability needs, quality machinery parts supply solutions:

  • shaft hub coupling in Rheine Klingenberg Germany
  • RRL Spacer Coupling
  • flex shaft coupling in Brunn am GebirgeModling Austria
  • coupling rubber shaft tyre in Winterhur Switzerland
  • jaw coupling in Victoria Australia
  • rigid coupling in Atlanta Georgia USA
  • gear coupling full flexible in Auckland New Zealand
  • HRC type flexible couplings in Mumbai Maharashtra
  • motor pump flexible coupling in Vadodara Gujarat
  • mechanical coupling half rigid half gear in Kolkata Bengal
  • aluminum jaw coupling AL Type in Pune Maharashtra
  • coupling marine shaft in Pennsylvania United States
  • zero backlash shaft coupling in Oxfordshire UK
  • pin bush coupling in Toronto Canada
  • brake drum coupling in Skudai Johor Malaysia
  • flexible gear coupling in Barcelona Spain
  • torsionally flexible shaft coupling in Sandvika Norway
  • elastic coupling in Breda Holland Netherlands
  • PH tyre coupling in Mandaluyong City Metro Manila Philippines
  • flexible F series tyre coupling in Egypt Cairo
  • RRL jaw flex spacer coupling in Texas USA
  • RRS type radially removable spacer coupling in New South Wales Australia
  • flexible spiders SW type snap wrap coupling in Wellington New Zealand
  • taper bush flexible coupling in Minsk Belarus
  • elastomeric coupling in Hamburg Germany
  • engine generator shaft coupling in Vienna Austria
  • torsionally flexible rubber coupling in BelfauxSarine Switzerland

Customers Satisfaction: UNIVERSAL High Torque Motor Flex Coupling

High torque motor flex coupling quality of HIC Universal acclaimed for maximum pump machinery shaft torque transmission performance and satisfactory life by an endless list of OEM of Centrifugal Pump manufacturers, Wind Turbine manufacturers, Reciprocating Compressor manufacturers, shaft coupling manufacturers Crane manufacturers, Servo Motor manufacturers, Electric Motor manufacturers, Marine Engine manufacturers, Diesel Engine manufacturers, Consultants (Projects) and drive shaft coupling and flexible coupling spare rubber elements used by:

  • Bharat Petroleum Maharashtra India
  • Pin Bush Coupling
  • Gujarat Heavy Chemicals Gujarat India
  • BalrampurChini West Bengal India
  • Akzo Nobel Uttar Pradesh India
  • BMM Ispat Karnataka India
  • Ministry of Defence Jabalpur Madhya Pradesh India
  • ACC Cement Himachal Pradesh India
  • Salgaocar Mining Goa India
  • India Gypsum Haryana
  • Bharat Coking Coal Jharkhand India
  • JK Cement Assam India