Flexible Rigid Brake Drum Gear Coupling

Flexible gear coupling, floating shaft gear coupling, torque limiter coupling, made in India by manufacturers, HIC International, produced in world-class Delhi and Uttar Pradesh located forged gear couplings manufacturing plants.

flexible gear coupling producer and supplier

Universal Flexible Gear Couplings Indian Brand HIC Product

Manufacturers of quality flexible gear coupling complete set and vertical mounting coupling OEM suppliers to crane control equipment manufacturing companies as well as EOT crane hoist assembly manufacturers located in Oslo Norway, Helsinki Finland, Gummersbach Germany, Paris France, Pennsylvania USA, Quebec Canada, Surrey UK, Shanghai China, Sao Paulo Brazil, Kathmandu Nepal, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Jaipur Rajasthan, Ahmedabad Gujarat, Durgapur West Bengal, Chennai Tamil Nadu, Nagpur Maharashtra, Hyderabad Andhra, Rajpura Punjab, Bellary Karnataka, Ambala Haryana, Cuba, Iran, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Mauritius Africa, and other countries of the globe to thorough satisfaction, gear couplings used in and as: