Flexible Rigid Brake Drum Gear Coupling

HIC International is proudly engaged in manufacturing brake drum gear coupling using high-grade steel in advanced discipline that is highly used for numerous industrial applications such as floating shaft drive, torque limiter, EOT crane motor gearbox shaft, thruster brake, electromagnetic shoe brakes.

Mostly, flexible gear coupling products are used for the following purposes:-

  • Brake drum Single Engagement Type: eradicate the need of any extension of the double shaft
  • Brake drum Face Mounted: widely used for the drives
  • Half Gear Half Rigid Type Coupling: used in tandem pairs attached with floating shaft

Owing to salient characteristics of brake drum coupling types, such as tensile strength, compact design, lower frictional losses, high efficiency, highly resistant to corrosion, low maintenance, and this flexible coupling product vary in sizes according to the requirements of HIC Universal Delhi clients.

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Universal Brake Drum with Flexible Geared Couplings Indian Brand HIC Product

HIC Universal highly flexible brake drum gear couplings are easily distinguished by their mechanical misalignment that is automatically connected without losing any transmitted power while functioning.

Moreover, HIC valuable clients can get such products anywhere worldwide simply from us in different specifications at much affordable prices. HIC is OEM suppliers to crane control equipment manufacturing companies as well as EOT crane hoist assembly manufacturers located in Oslo Norway, Helsinki Finland, Gummersbach Germany, Paris France, Pennsylvania USA, Quebec Canada, Surrey UK, Shanghai China, Sao Paulo Brazil, Kathmandu Nepal, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Mostly, HIC flexible drive products are used for the following purposes: