Material Handling Conveyor Belts: Article

Conveyor belts are broad belts that attach to endless loops and turning rotors powered by electric motors to move materials one place to another. Made up of several layers of rubber, these belts are mostly used in public transportation systems, factories, warehouses and grocery stores.

It helps to transmit raw materials and products from one place to another due to the frictional force. The lowest layer of rubber gives shape to the conveyor belt while the other layers smooth the progress of transportation. In ancient times, workers were used to transport goods from one place to another, it takes additional burden and reduces the efficient time, however, in the contemporary world and with the advancement of technology this scenario has almost changed. General Purpose Conveyor belts have made the transportation of products and raw materials extremely easy and expedient and that too without the surplus need of manual labor. These belts can convey both light and heavy products at the same time. Light duty conveyor belts are used in food processing units, whereas heavy duty belts are used in the coal mine and so forth.

Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belts are used in shipyards, airports, thermal power plants, and different industries like iron works, salt mine, soda ash, sand carrier and what not. 

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts are fabricated with heat resistant premium rubber that makes the belt ideal for heat resistant applications. Some industries where the conveyed material is more than 80 degrees centigrade these belts transport the material easily. Conveyor belts are also resistant to hot oils and minerals. UHR Grade Conveyor Belts facilitate controlled high-temperature applications that are best for repetitive services up to 180 degrees centigrade and 220 degrees centigrade for the material handled.

Food Grade Conveyor Belts are made up from high-quality PU and PVC materials and easily accessible in diverse thickness and lengths, these belts are used in biscuit plants, bakery and chip making plants, seafood making industries, tea industries, and sugar mills.

The sturdy design, flawless finish, rugged surface and excellent quality make these conveyor belts unsurpassed companion of every industry, some of the top notch companies are providing unmatched rubber product range, select as per your requirement and soar high in the sky of success!!