Power Transmission Drive Couplings: Article

Flexible Shaft Couplings have wide usages in any machinery. Flexible couplings provide good connectivity to shafts units and provide them mechanical flexibility, misalignment of shafts, reduce transmission of shock loads, provide protection against overload alters the characteristics of rotating units and connects all the driven parts for easy transferability. There are different types of coupling – rigid, sleeve, flange, tapered, hirth and many others. A Pin Bush Couplingis used when there is slight imperfection in the alignment of the two shafts. Flexible couplings are used for connecting the shafts that have small parallel, angular or axial misalignment. These are most commonly used in the electric motors and machines.

A Gear flexible Couplings is used for transmission of torque between two collinear shafts that are joined together by a third shaft (spindle). Flexible couplings have high density of torque and it induces lower vibrations. These are limited to only angular misalignments. Elastomeric Coupling is designed especially forblinding the assembly applications. It reduces the magnitude of the loads imposed on it and attenuates vibration in multiple planes. Spider flexible Couplings is generally used in the motion control applications that damps the vibration and also accommodates the misalignment and protects all the components from damaging. It consists of three main components: two metallic hubs and a spider.

A spacer flexible couplings makes use of a cylindrical piece that is installed between the pump shaft and the motor shaft coupling. It is designed to allow enough space for the removal of a pump mechanical seal and doing its maintenance without any movement by the pump body or the driver.Rubber Tyre flexible Couplingsis used mainly in vehicles and it is the most preferred type of flexible couplings as it offers greater flexibility and durability at a much cheaper rates.Snap Wrap Couplingeliminates the need of dismantling or separating all the connected components when you carry on the inspection of the machinery or you try to replace any of its elements. It is known for its speed and flexibility.

A Brake Drum flexible Couplings causes friction in the shoes or pads and presses it to the inner surface of the drum. A highly flexible belt is used to wrap around the drum. Curved Tooth Coupling has a greater applicability as it is used in all the technological fields. It meets all the specific demands of different applicationson a shaft connection.