Power Transmission Cogged and Wrapped V Belts: Article

We all know that the conveyor belt are the most popular mechanical part among almost all industries. You can find several types of belts that are used as per their specifications and one conveyor belt that is frequently used is industrial Vee belt. This belt is a fundamental power transmission belt that provides the excellent arrangement of traction, controlling speed, tolerating load and service life. Vee belts can further divided into various kinds like open-ended v-belts, variable speed v-belt, v-ribbed v-belt, raw edge cogged v-belt, double v-belt and likewise. According to the requirement of the industries, manufacturers of the v-belts are developing high-quality belts to fulfill the same. These conveyor belt are widely used in automotive machines and in heavy industries. They are oil and heat resistance, anti-static with optimum performance and precise design.

Fan belt is a strip of rubber that moves constantly to make a fan turn and keep an engine cool. It is easily replaceable and widely used in your cars. You can also find cog v-belts that are highly flexible and technologically advanced and are designed for comfortable drives in cars and light-duty vehicles. Wedge v-belts can transmit higher power to the level of almost two times than the conventional belts with an identical top width. Drive belts are used in all industrial purposes from light duty to heavily laden drives. Banded v-belts are created from classical, narrow and wedge belt with a strapping tie over them. Every band has the necessary number of belts in the multi rib belt as per the use and driving conditions so as in baler belt.

Harvester combines flat v-belts cover a broad spectrum of applications and types. These belts are stronger, lighter and more durable with uniform quality. As agriculture work assembles drives, with the most laborious operations, soil, dust, the stray residue of the harvested crop are likely to make an intervention during operation. So in this case you need an agricultural belt that can provide a large speed ratio in low maintenance. You can also install tractor belt for the same operation. Metric v-belts and wrapped v-belts are used for replacement on drives that requisite metric cross sections. These belts are excellent for machine tool, textile mills and food processing units.

You can also find a narrow v-belt and poly v-belt with variable size according to the requirement of your sections. These conveyor belt are variable speed conveyor belt that means these can employ where drives are not constant.