Steam, Air, Water Connect Disconnect SS 316/SS 304 Hose Coupling: Article

Coupling is nothing but a device that is used to connect two shafts together at both their ends for transmission of power. They usually don’t allow disconnection of shafts during the operations and there are also some limits on the torque. If the torque limit exceeds, the couplings may either slip or disconnect. It is mainly used to join two pieces of rotating equipment and also permit some degree of misalignment or movement or even both. If you want to reduce your maintenance cost, then you should select, install and maintain the couplings carefully.

Camlock Coupling Fitting Part is generally used to make dye, paint and inks in a factory where drums are filled with chemicals and frequent changes in the hoses to get a right combination. The connectivity and disconnectivity of the hoses and pipes solely depends upon this. It is used in the fire departments, petroleum trucks and factories where paints are manufactured. There are many types of Camlock couplings. They are mentioned below:

  • Brass couplings provide resistance against extremely high temperature
  • Quick Release Coupler facilitates transfer of liquids
  • Propylene Coupling
  • Stainless Steel Camlock

Technology has made rapid development. This has led to the building of huge infrastructures that further requires large pipes that have to be linked with each other. Due care should be taken to select the products required for connecting and disconnecting the pipes of the building. One such important product is Cam Groove Coupling. These should be fitted in an area of low pressure to hold the pipes together. It can also be used in thetransportation of dry and liquid products. Tanker Camlock Coupling is widely used in loading and unloading of bulk liquid commodities in tanks by several transport companies. These facilitate easy movement of liquid materials from one place to the other.

Air Quick Coupling is available in a huge variety of designs and it also enjoys a huge applicability. It is used in many industrial and mechanical applications. It entraps the air whenever the accessories are being replaced. It has wide usage in the farms, processing units and the industrial units. For such coupling, separate passage is needed for air. It is also considered to be very fast and convenient. Hydraulic Quick Release couplings are used to connect and disconnect different hydraulic or pneumatic lines in the most easy and quick way without making use of any other tools. They have in a variety of size and specifications to meet the demands of the customers.

Double Check Valve Quick Release Coupling is well featured with plugs and sockets having an inbuilt valve to avoid any leakage. Some high precision machinery manufactures them and the hoses that are attached to it do not get twisted. It is designed for a wide range of applications. These are mainly used to transfer hydraulic fluids and have wider applicability