2 Way, Three Way, Multiport High Pressure Threaded/Flanged Shut Off Valves: Article

There are different types of valves depending on each one’s specification and requirement. A three-way ball valve can be divided into the L and T type. The L type of ball is applicable in the medium direction that is perpendicular to the two channels while the T type valve is used for medium streaming and is in mixed or medium direction. It has a disc that id of O type and is of rotary type of ball valve. They provide resistance against semi – fluid, reliable and light weighted. A multi way ball valve has many ways to enter without any leakage. It is most used in petrochemical, water supply, mining, textile, steel and energy to provide them a medium direction and stream to flow.

Instrumentation Needle Valvehas a non – rotating trim that enables self-centring of the spindle. These are used for the line shut off, instrumentation control and for regulation of any particular series. These are highly qualitative and are made up of forged materials that are designed in such a way that it meets the requirement of the customers. Gate Valves are usually used for steam, liquid and gaseous elements with a range of line pressure and temperature. It is also commonly known as the knife valve or a slide due to its control over the flow of water or any other liquid. There are many types of Gate Valve like parallel, wedge, rising and non-rising stem valves. These are bi – directional and can be installed in any direction.

GlobeValveis used to regulate the flow in a pipeline and is consists of a movable disk and a ring that is a spherical body. The named is kept after its shape and is comprises of two parts they are isolated by an inward baffle. Wafer Type Butterfly Valveis very specific in controlling the characteristics of the ball valves and are utilised for modulation. Its rate of flow is directly related to the quantity of disk travelled. Plug Valves have cylindrical or tapered plugs that can be easily rotated inside its body and also controls its flow in it. There are one or more than one passages in the valve. These are very simple and economical.

Using a two-way ball valve is the simplest as it has two positions – opened one allows the flow and the shut stops the flow of the liquid. These can also be rotated to 180° on its either side. High Pressure Ball Valves when creating a pressure for easy movement of the fluid is required.