Welding, Mining, Dock, Petroleum, Material Handling Wire Helix Hose Pipe: Article

Steam Hose Pipe is a highly recommended product for heavy steel mills, oil refineries, engineering thermal plants were it is used as a specified pressure. It has a length of 18.5 meters and has smooth as well as uniform thickness varying 300 degree Fahrenheit. Wide range of product is supplied all across the country. It is an effective and useful product that is used to transfer steam with the use of flexible hose within different applications. It includes transformation of heated oil and water like substances.

High Temperature Rubber Hose is used for protecting the screw and operation of powder coating. It has a non sticky feature by presence of silicone rubber and molten metal that makes it available for use of multiple times. It is designed and manufactured with a high demanding standard for formulation and is used for transformation of liquids in high temperate environment. It is available in different size: small, medium and large.

Oxy Acetylene Welding Hose is used to cut the metals which are accepted in the industries widely. It cut the metal in two pieces. It is used widely and has the metal based work. These are flame resistant and are completely safe. Petroleum Transfer Hose is another effective product used for transformation of fuel. It has a great compatibility with different types of fuel and has a super flexibility. It comes in various models that can be made as per the requirement.  The differences are made by the cover color like green, yellow, brown or orange. Varying from 1 to 6 and 3 to 4 inches these hose are available for different purpose like vapor transfer, transfer of multiple chemical etc.

Dock Suction Discharge Hose is specifically designed for discharge application and are highly flexible. These are highly resistant and flexible composite of steel wire, polyester tier cord. These are highly compatible with Ethanol and biodiesel with a temperature of 30 to 200 degree of Fahrenheit.  Material Handling Hose is composite of natural rubber and are conductive tube that has soft wall hose. These are highly durable and weather resistant substance that is used for transmission of dry industrial substances like cement, lime and sand etc. IT has an easy storage facility and has light weight.
Chemical Transfer Rubber Hose are highly acidic resistance substance and is used for transmission of acid and other chemicals. These are made of highly protective substances and the acids are hazardous for health and can cause serious illness. These are designed with a light weight model and provide optimum service at competitive price.

Mining Duty Rubber Hose are designed and named after its use. It is used highly in the mining industry for handling of materials, transmission of power. These are designed by the experienced engineers and designers.