HIC Universal Delhi Rubber Conveyor Belt Roller Coupling

Quality Manufacturers Introduction

Wear-Resistant, Heat Resistant, Conveyor Belt

Raise your bulk materials movement whether lumps or loose and Transport Safely with HIC Universal manufactured in Rubber & PVC, proven quality conveyor belt up to 2400mm width.

Super-grip, Elevator Bolt & Conveyor Belt Fastener

Optimize your conveyor output by quick mechanical joints and Transport Tension-free with HIC Universal produced in solid plate steel, proven quality bolt fasteners up to 25mm thick belt.

Dust-proof, Belt Conveyor Idler Roller

Boost your bulk materials handling belt troughing load and Transport Continuously with HIC Universal made in steel, proven quality conveyor roller up to 2400mm belt width.

Heat-proof, Antistatic, Rubber Vee Belt

Step-up your electric motor power transmission and Run Longer with HIC Universal produced in poly cord reinforced rubber, proven quality v-belt up to 400inch length.

Stretch-free, Nylon Sandwich, Transmission Belting

Upgrade your high speed machinery drive and Rotate Speedily with HIC Universal produced in rubber or leather nylon sandwiched, proven quality flat transmission belting up to 10mm thick.

Balanced, Taper Bush, Drive Belt Pulley

Enhance your power transmission belt rotation and Set in Motion with HIC Universal produced in graded cast iron CNC machined, proven quality belt pulley up to 50inch OD.

Kink-less, Pressure-proof, Flexible Rubber Hose

Maximize your hydraulic discharge and Flow Burst-free with HIC Universal made of rubber or steel assembled in threaded or flanged fittings, proven quality flexible hose up to 14inch NB.

Backlash-free, High Torque, Flexible Shaft Coupling

Pump-up your torsion drive shaft and Rotate Break-free with HIC Universal manufactured of forged steel & flexible rubber element, proven quality shaft coupling up to 220mm Bore.

High Pressure, Hose Coupling & Industrial Valve

Pump-up your hydraulic piping system & air lines and Regulate Leak-free with HIC Universal produced of stainless steel & forged steel, proven quality industrial valve up to 12inch NB.

High Temperature, Synthetic, Rubber Gasket Sheet

Protect your pipeline flanges & power transformers and Safeguard Leakage with HIC Universal produced of synthetic rubber & cork, proven quality rubber sheet up to 40mm Thick.

Shockproof, Anti-slip, Electrical Insulating Mat

Protect your workmen from electrical shocks and Insulate Leakage with HIC Universal produced of high voltage current safety rubber, proven quality insulating mat up to 25mm Thick.

Optimum Production Industrial Solutions

Rubber products India, South Africa, USA, Russia, UK, Germany industrial suppliers manufacturers of conveyor belt roller, gear coupling, insulating mat electrical purpose, rubber hose reel, hydraulic valve, transmission belting, v belt pulley, chain sprocket, rubber sheet, PVC conveyor belt, quality Universal brand produced by HIC International, ISO 9001 certified Company Indian origin rubbers manufacturing and machined steel parts manufacturer exporters. All the products like conveyor belt roller and many more are noiseless and vibrationless. There are many types of conveyor belt roller like gravity conveyor belt roller , chain-driven conveyor belt roller , line shaft conveyor belt roller etc.

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