Excellent R&D of HIC Universal

Conveyors Operation Standstill?
Drives Transmission Stoppage?
Hydraulics Flow Outbreak?
Operational Safety Question

...... Rely on HIC International Co.


HIC manufactured industrial rubber products are trusted by Bulk SystemsConsultants ProjectsPower Transmission MachineryPaper Mill MachMarble Processing Eqpt,Crane & Foundry MachMining MachHydraulic & Welding EquipmentEarth Moving MachPumping EqptProcess Plant ConsultantsSugar Mill MachCement Mill Mach,Material Handling Equipment Mfrs, etc & various other domestic and overseas Clients.

Geared up to develop & manufacture beltsidlersfastenerspulleyshosescouplings,valves as per buyers drawings. Total Quality Management principles are followed.