Dock Conveyor Belt Nylon Chevron Pattern

HIC International Co Inc. is a reputed manufacturer of the International Standard nylon conveyor belt. Chevron belts of C15 profile cleat, Y-T pattern cleated and Smooth surface flat horizontal conveyor belting have undoubtedly established a strong position in both light weight packaging industries and heavy excavation industry.Widely used in sea port, dockyard, warehouses, custom made with rubber cover depending upon material handling load to transfer.

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UNIVERSAL N Grade Conveyor Belting Indian Brand HIC Product

The nylon conveyor belt is processed with ultimate quality abrasion resistant rubber RMA II grade materials to preserve its longevity. This feature in the conveyor component has made it desirable for the customers of all over the world including China, USA, New Zealand, Argentina, Turkey, New Zealand, Ireland and so on. This material handling product is used as the medium of bulk materials transport in and as: