Manufacturing & Testing Equipments

 Belt Press

Exporters-Importers of industrial products having latest manufacturing machinery and advanced testing equipments.

Conveyor Drive Hydraulic Products Mfg Machinery

Belting Calander

Ban bury Rubber Mixer, Dispersion Kneader(s), Mixing Mill(s) 2 Roll, Calender Machine (3Roll), Jointing Machine, Rubber Bale Cutter, Hydraulic Presses (2 daylight), Hydraulic Press (single daylight), Hydraulic Finishing Press, Belt Endlessing M.C.(Vulcaniser), Sundry Machines viz. Lathes, Shaper, Generator sets, Hydraulic Jacks, etc.

Rubber Products Quality Testing Apparatus as per ISO :

Mfg Press

B.O.D. Incubator (seasoning chamber), Hot Air Ageing Oven, Physical Balance, Tensile Testing Machines, Abrasion Tester(as per DIN), Drum Friction Tester (as per Canadian stds), Scott Flex Tester (as per railways), Dumbbell Dies, Yarn Testing Machine, etc. Calibrated periodically. Indigenous technology with latest technical Indian know how, however, no collaboration made so far.

Quality Control

It is in between process checks that are strongly checked & lodged in register to ensure finished rubber product meeting quality standards.
Test Certificate (TC) of our Lab, wherever, applicable, is forwarded along with the supply.

Approved Vendors for Conveyor Drive Hydraulic Rubber Products:

Visakhapatnam Steel Plant (721354), NALCO (3072),
Subhash Projects (EM-10,18), HeavyEngg.Corp.(6003), 
Bokaro Steel (72621), Salem Steel(000155), 
Gujarat State Road(000118), ACC (944),  
Army Base(512/ABW-LP/76), NTPC(H8267), etc.
* Price List & terms on specific enquiry please.
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