Mine Fire Resistant Conveyor Belt

Mining industries located in countries like Australia, South Africa, Canada, Chile, Sweden, China, Poland, Israel, trust HIC Universal  for .flame retardant conveyor belt, mine crusher fire resistant conveyor belt, proven quality FR grade antistatic conveyor belting. HIC Universal Delhi also caters to coal mining, metal ore mining, surface mining companies for fire resistant conveyor belt.

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UNIVERSAL Flame Resistant Conveyor Belting Indian Brand HIC Product

HIC International Co Inc. is one of reputed manufacturers of fire resistant conveyor belts in the national and international markets and engaged in producing FRAS conveyor belting wholesale supplier to Government Company owned mines. The flame resistant belt product is used by thermal power stations for carrying coal and mining industries.

Fire resistance is undoubtedly essential for any kind of industries, especially in the mines. In such sectors, the fire resistant conveyor belts are necessary to avoid further mishaps inside the mine. Apart from that, such conveyor belts are also useful in the environments, where such belts have to transport materials under high temperature.

Globally, the countries like Bolivia, Serbia, Germany, Australia, Kazakhstan and United States are the regular customers of the FRAS grade rubber-belt whereas the Indian states Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka also comes into this list.

The FR Grade conveyor belt used in and as: