Electrical Safety Mat and Switchboard Rubber Matting

HIC International Co Inc. is a reputed manufacturer of electrical safety rubber mat, Insulation mat for electrical purpose, High Voltage rubber mats, Anti-slip non conductive rubber mats, Anti-static floor insulating matting, Substation electrical rubber mats, Rubber mat for electrical panels, switchboard type matting as per IS 15652, IEC 61111, ASTM D178 and IS 5424 quality standards. Safety insulating mat product is widely supplied worldwide in South Africa, Canada, USA, Taiwan, Korea, UK, Hong Kong China and NZ etc. It is also highly popular in the Indian states of Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh and so on.

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UNIVERSAL Insulation Rubber Mats As per IS 15652 n IEC 61111 n IS 5424 Indian Brand HIC Product

The electrical safety mat is useful in the industrial sectors, where the workers have to work with high voltage of electricity. The material combination in this non-conductive mat keeps the workers safe from the shock of high voltage electricity. Usually high grade rubber is the main material manufactured as per voltage resistant Class ratings. HIC Universal Delhi is Manufacturers of quality electrical rubber mats as per IEC 61111, ASTM D178 and insulating rubber mat as per IS 15652 and IS 5424.

Also an OEM suppliers of dielectric carpet to power distribution board manufacturing companies as well as captive power generation plant manufacturers located in Belgium, Singapore, Chile, New South Wales Australia, South Africa, Korea, Canada, England UK, Poland, Ireland, Germany, United States USA, Fujairah UAE. In India cities like Bhopal Madhya Pradesh, Ahmedabad Gujarat, Kochi Kerala, Faridabad Haryana, Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh, Bengaluru Karnataka, Chennai Tamil Nadu, Gondia Maharashtra are HIC Indian clients.

HIC serve Sri Lanka, Qatar, Saudi Arabia KSA, South Africa, and other countries of the globe to thorough satisfaction, low voltage rubber safety mats and high voltage insulating mats used in and as: